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Operation and maintenance
of technical building equipment

Facility VM Patriot Group spol. s r.o. provides comprehensive services to ensure technical building equipment operation.
We undertake and recommend the management and maintenance of technical building equipment for clients who have technical equipment fitted, such as air-conditioning, cooling, electrical fire warning equipment, heat sources (boilers and calorifiers) and central heating systems, measurement systems and regulation etc.
A professional approach to operations maintenance is fundamental to the life-time, reliability and safe operation of TBE.
All services and maintenance can be provided on the basis of building operations contracts, or on the basis of a one-off order of a specific operation.

The main services we provide include:

Tečka malá

daily operational checks and servicing of technical equipment

continuous online monitoring of operations at the company’s central dispatch

preventative maintenance

equipment servicing management

undertaking revisions and tests necessary to ensure safe operations according to legislation in force

continuous accident service 24/7

repair and investment planning for optimising operational costs

administrative and legislative activities resulting from duties in operating selected equipment

energy advisory service

If interested in the above detailed services, do not hesitate to contact us for a free-of-charge consultation with our engineer and the preparation of a non-binding quotation adapted to your needs.

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